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Rhode Island Car service

Whether you need affordable transport medium or a posh vehicle, BOS RI Car service provides best-in-class airport transfer and other car service. Now, you can enjoy cost-effective and hassle-free transfer all over the Rhode Island. In many ways, we are most reliable and foremost option for car service in Rhode Island, few major ones are:

Convenience and accessible

BOS RI car service is very simple and straightforward: usually other way of transportations, say public transportations are time consuming and comparatively much inconvenient. We allow you to reserve your ride ahead of time, so that when you need a ride, we will be right there with our shining car. Additionally, we offer special assistance for children and disabled. Thus, if convenience is your initial priority for getting a ride then we are most suitable option.

Safety and efficiency

Our RI Car service is insured and licensed by authorities. Besides being authentic car service, we have enlisted most skilled chauffeurs. If Rhode Island is strange place for you and you are looking for reliable transportation that can also guide you to the city, then our chauffeurs are trained with the maps and places of Rhodes Island. Our vehicles are hi-tech and capable to cope with all the emergencies. So, when it comes to safety and efficiency we can provide you most safest and faithful transportation to all over the state.


We are transparent with our prices; you do not need to worry about any hidden fees and charges. You can choose different packages; you need to focus on your budget and your needs. The prices at BOS RI car service are always in tandem with the service we offer. You will get optimal services that worth every penny you pay.

Comfortable and Stress-free

In every dimension, we keep our services for your comforts and convenience. We provide door to door service round the clock, and accept almost every way of payments no matter you pay through credit cards or just cash. Additionally, we are easy to hire- you can hire us by just giving a call or make your visit to our website. We will be at your place as soon as possible.

To sum it all up, it would be better to have safest and reliable transportation rather to suffer in public transport. BOS is prominent name for transportation; connect with them for convenient and comfortable journey.

Any Queries ? Call us for more info 1-800-966-8998 - BOS Airport Limo Services